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Junior High is hard. No doubt about it. New friends, teachers, classes, and tons of other changes! That’s why Heartland has a program just for students in 6th through 8th grade. It’s called Genesis, and it exists to help Junior High students find and follow Jesus, discover their best selves, and the best way to live life well. Genesis meets on Wednesdays at Heartland from 6:00 to 7:45pm, with pre-meeting games and hang out time kicking off at 5:30pm. At Genesis, Jr. high students get to hang out and have fun with other students their age, as well as hear truth about who God is, what the bible’s all about, and how God and his word can be relevant to their lives and what they’re going through. Ask any Genesis student, and I’m sure they’ll tell you it’s their favorite part of the week! Genesis: a Safe place for Jr. High kids to come and figure out life with leaders and other students who get it, get them, and truly care.

Check out our website at www.genesismovement.org for more information on what’s happening in Genesis!



Delta is all about change! We believe at Delta that God is changing us and using us to bring about change in our families, friendships, schools, and communities. We believe that to truly bring change, we must link arms together with others who are also on a journey to find and follow Jesus. Delta is a safe place made up of genuine people. It’s a place where high school students get to be known, and get to know others, be encouraged, and discover who God created them to be. At Delta we laugh and have fun, enjoy great music and worship, challenge one another through relevant teaching, and form deep friendships in small groups.  All of these things are designed to build relationships with each other, with leaders who are passionate about investing in students, and with the creator of the universe. Delta, for high school students, meets Sundays at Heartland at 5pm.

Visit Delta’s site for more info at www.deltamovement.org.


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