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Over 1,000 people have been through the Rebuilders workshop at Heartland. It is a 7-week workshop with a teaching/discussion format for people who have been through a divorce. It is not designed as a support group for people to get through the pain and early stages of a divorce; rather it’s for people who have gotten past the initial trauma of the divorce and are ready to take an honest look back at the marriage that failed to see what they can learn from the mistakes they made.

67% of divorced people will get married again and most will make the same mistakes in the second marriage that led to the breakdown of their first marriage, unless they take very intentional steps to make changes. Rebuilders is there to help them make those changes.

Rebuilders meets Tuesday nights in the South Auditorium of Heartland, and there is no cost. If you’re ready to start rebuilding your life, you can either sign up ahead of time on our event registration page (if a session is underway) or simply show up and we can get you plugged in.