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Our mission is to help kids find and follow Jesus.

Launch happens at Heartland during all the main services. Click the room name below that matches your kid’s age to learn what they can expect each week.

All volunteers who serve with our kids have been CPP approved, which means they have gone through our Child Protection Program process and have been given the green light. We can always use more volunteers, so please click the volunteer button below to join the team.


Age Groups and Grade Levels

Heartland Little DippersOur Little Dippers Ministry is divided into four rooms: Infant, Crawler, Walker, and 2-Year-Old. Each room is set up age appropriate, providing a safe and wonderful environment. Our 2 year olds experience a little programming designed just for them with some worship, a Bible story and prayer.

Each room is staffed with CPP approved volunteers who love to be with these little ones. Little Dippers is offered at all 5 Heartland services.

Heartland Shooting StarsShooting Stars is divided into two rooms: one is for our 3 year olds, another is for our 4-5 year olds. Each room is set up age appropriate, providing activities and toys that are just right for our preschoolers.

Each weekend our Shooting Stars come together in the Super Spectacular Wonder Workshop to experience teaching and worship designed just for them.

Following the large group experience they break into small groups to have a snack and to make a take-home activity.

Each room is staffed with CPP approved volunteers who love to play and spend time with our Shooting Stars. Shooting Stars is offered at all 5 Heartland services.

Space ExplorersSpace Explorers meet in the South Auditorium. Our service for Kindergarten through 2nd graders will start with connection time between each other and our volunteers playing games, activities, and crafts.

They’ll worship through song and motions, hear about some awesome Bible stories, and visit cool places (via video) such as The Way Back Whirly Gig, Verbal the Word Bird’s Nest and the Surf Shack.

Throughout the large group experience they’ll be part of a small group, making friends, talking about things and getting to know their small group leader.

Each room is staffed with CPP approved volunteers who love to be with these elementary aged kids. Space Explorers is offered at all Heartland services.

Heartland CarbonCarbon is a unique ministry designed specifically for our 3rd through 5th graders. We call it Carbon because carbon supports life and we’re all made of it.

Each experience is uniquely designed, set in an exciting and inviting environment to engage our preteens to learn and grow in God, community and the church.

Each experience is about topics that our Carbonites are living, from school to friendships to bullying to making wise decisions.

Through competitive games, engaging worship, dynamic teaching and small groups, our Carbon kids are learning and growing in Christ.

Each room is staffed with CPP approved volunteers who love hanging with preteens. Carbon is offered at the 4:30pm service on Saturday and all three services on Sunday.

Launch Lighthouse—for kids ages 6 weeks through 11 years old

Heartland Launch LighthouseThe Mission of Launch kids@heartland is to help kids find and follow Jesus. In addition, Lighthouse’s specific mission is to provide care and ministry to kids with special needs in order for parents to fully engage in the weekend and holiday services.

To make this a reality, our goal is to partner a Lighthouse volunteer with your child as a 1:1 friend, helping reduce or eliminate barriers so that your child can participate as fully as possible in the Launch experience. Once your child is paired with a Lighthouse volunteer, the volunteer and the parents decide together which one of our 4 services to attend.

Lighthouse Students—for kids ages 12-18 years old

Heartland Lighthouse StudentsLighthouse Students provides care and ministry for kids with special needs ages 12-18 years old. Volunteers that serve in Lighthouse Students help kids learn the stories of the bible through interactive teaching, worship, and activities. This ministry meets on Sundays during the 10:00am service in the Lighthouse Students room (next to The Little Chocolatier).

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