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Early followers of Jesus chose to be baptized as a sign of their faith. Literally, it means being immersed in water as a symbol of burying the old way of life and being raised up to a new life of hope, with Jesus’ leadership.

Heartland practices believer baptism, as opposed to infant baptism, and many Heartlanders have taken the important next step of baptism in their faith. They have said yes to Jesus and marked that commitment on a specific day by being baptized. They have linked arms with centuries worth of followers who have been compelled by God’s compassionate rescue story. Will you join them?

If a baptism is happening soon, you can register on our Event Registration page. For any questions, please contact us.

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Baptism Photos

Note: for your protection, we do not publicly post baptism pictures of minors. If you are looking for a baptism picture for someone under 18, please contact us.


The Launch Team at Heartland is committed to helping parents teach their kids the truths about Jesus, bringing them to a place where they find their own faith and follow Him. One way the Team does this is through Kid Splash, a workshop designed to provide discipleship tools that help to answer significant questions such as, “Am I ready to be baptized?” We ask that kids between the ages of 8-11 years old attend the Kids Splash worship with their parents before being baptized.

If Kid Splash is happening soon, you can register on our Event Registration page.