Relief for Hurricane Victims and for Renewal Ministries

Every weekend, the people at Heartland drop a dollar or more into the blue bottles around the mall and 100% of the donations we receive go right back out to the community or the world.

In the wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma we have gifted $3,691.00 to World Vision to help cover shipping costs. We’re told it costs approximately $2,000.00 per truckload of supplies.

Also, Josh Peigh will be attending the city-wide prayer meeting with Renewal Ministries. They will be taking an offering to support Rock House Kids and Youth for Christ. We are sending Josh with a $250.00 donation.

$1860.00 in hurricane donations came in
$2081.00 from three weeks of change for a dollar

$250.00 to Renewal Ministries
$3691.00 to World Vision

Thank you for partnering with these great organizations. Keep dropping those dollars in the buckets every weekend, and we’ll keep making change for a dollar together!

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