Change for a Dollar: Milestone Adopt a Camper


Every weekend, the people at Heartland drop a dollar or more into the blue bottles around the mall and 100% of the donations we receive go right back out to the community. We recently received $634.00. Those funds were given to Milestone for their Adopt a Camper program.

Each year Milestone takes their residents to summer camp. They will go to either Camp Albrecht in Iowa or Camp Winnebago for the more medically fragile individuals who need specialized attention and care, and who cannot make the trip to Iowa. Those who work at Milestone are always moved by the smiles on the faces of the individuals when they return from camp and the pictures of the activities they were able to enjoy.

Thank you for partnering with this great organization. Keep dropping those dollars in the buckets every weekend, and we’ll keep making change for a dollar together!

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