Change for a Dollar: Global Signet Group

Every weekend the people of Heartland drop a dollar or more into the Change for a Dollar water bottles located throughout the mall. 100% of the donations we receive go right back out to the community, or sometimes around the world.

Because of your generosity, we raised $470.00 last weekend! Those funds have been given to the Global Signet Group.

Based in Wichita, KS, Global Signet Group is serving with local pastors and churches in Moldova to help 20 families each month who are desperate for food. They also provide after-school care and food for 30 Moldovan children 2 days a week.

The Moldovan economy is in rough shape. Parents abandon children in the villages and work abroad to try to survive. Without our team caring for the kids, they are starving and without hope. Change for a Dollar will provide soup, bread, fruit or vegetables through the hands of local believers that encourage, care, love and pray for them.

To keep up to date with the Global Signet Group, check out their Facebook page.

Thank you for partnering with this great organization. Keep dropping your loose change in the buckets every weekend and we’ll keep making change together!

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